There will be a small, one-time signup fee to cover the cost of setting your account up of $25. You get access to our live trade room, notification list and our Trader Master Class.

Payment Options

No quarterly or yearly plans.

We will offer only monthly subscription plans. There will be two options, either a fixed fee of $395 or a performance based fee that will be a percentage of the average notional gains of the service in that month.

Currently we believe that by our calculations a 10% fee on the average gains over the past 3 months would be fair. This would protect the customer against unusual gains in any single month.

So, this means if the service has no net gains in the month, you pay nothing, however if the service provides you with huge opportunities, then you will pay a commensurate fair amount.

The chart to the right shows the average gain on signals is approximately $3250/mo, from Sep-Nov 2019. Calculated using one contract, or standard sized forex lot, or 100 shares of stock. The gains are computed from the P&L if a signal hits the posted target or the close of the 4th day after signals was posted.

In this case the monthly fee would be about $325