Three things are required to be a successful Bitcoin trader, solid qualified data, a quantifiable edge and a bullet-proof method for extracting profits. We provide all those with a data feed aggregated across 7 of the largest exchanges, our proprietary pattern recognition signal technology, and a world-class live trade room.

New to trading? Then this service is perfect for you. We provide easy to understand signals and live support. ¬†Experienced trader? Then this service is perfect for you too. That’s because we provide you with the statistical tools to control position size, and detailed daily narratives that describe the system’s market outlook.

$119.00 / month
$249.00 every 3 months
$695.00 $450.00


With MarketCast you get exposure to all markets; futures, forex and equities, with an edge. The most incredible thing about this service is that it is for every trader, from novice to professional. PatternCast technology makes it simple, yet sophisticated for all.

Micro futures are making it easy for every account size to get involved with futures. And PatternCast provides timely, reliable signals, that just work.

$165.00 / month
$395.00 every 3 months
$1,495.00 / year